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## To setup build environment

Firstly, install [git]( , using the package manager in your distro.

Then, run these commands

$ git clone
$ cd scripts
$ bash setup/<name of script>

`` is for Ubuntu/Linux Mint/other distributions using the `apt` package manager.
The rest are named as per the distro.

Please run the correct script depending on the distro you have installed!


### Brief explanation of stuff in here

aosip-> some scripts I use for AOSiP.

gerrit -> useful for setting up gerrit and stuff.

github -> some actions on github.

gitlab -> some actions on gitlab.

misc -> stuff.

personal-setup -> scripts to setup git credentials and functions after fresh installation.

push -> scripts to push multiple repos at once if you don't wanna do it manually.

random-html -> generates an index.html with a table with the list of files in current directory.

rr -> some scripts for ResurrectionRemix.

setup -> setup Android Build Environment / Android SDK.